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What is Plan Management?

The NDIS gives participants the freedom to choose how their funding is managed. Participants can choose to be Self-Managed – which has strict and tedious requirements -, NDIA Managed – which only allows participants to see certain providers – , or Plan Managed – which allows for the freedom to see any provider while an experienced professional takes care of all the paperwork!

How Does It Work?

Here at Pro Plan Management, our goal is to make the NDIS and Plan Management process as easy as possible! We take care of everything in three simple steps:

  1. Sign Up today using our or giving us a call on 02 8806 1200
  2. Tell your providers to send invoices directly to invoices@pro-pm.com.au
  3. We handle the rest! We attend to and pay your invoices in as little as two business days to ensure your provider is able to provide the best services possible, without having to worry about when they get paid!

How to Get Plan Management

There are several ways to have Plan Management included in your NDIS Plan. The easiest way to get Plan Management is during your planning or review meeting. Simply tell your Planner or Local Area Coordinator that Plan Management is the right option for you! If you have a current plan that does not include Plan Management or you’re looking to change plan managers contact us today on 02 8806 1200 and one of our staff will be happy to guide you through the process!

Getting Started

It’s never been easier to sign up for Plan Management! Let a PRO manage your NDIS Plan today!

Simply fill out our or call us on 02 8806 1200

Benefits of Plan Management

NDIS Plan Funding Type NDIS (Agency) Managed Self Managed Pro Plan Management
No Paperwork! . . .
Invoice and Receipt Management! . . .
Up to date budget planning and tracking . . .
Dedicated NDIS plan expert that knows you and your plan! . . .
Invoices payed in two Business Days! . . .
Top quality Review Preparation to ensure you get the most out of your next NDIS Plan! . . .

Why Choose Pro Plan Management?

Choosing a Plan Manager can be difficult. Choosing a good Plan Manager can be even harder! Here at PRO, we make it easy to see why we’re one of Australia’s best NDIS Plan Managers!

  • Get access to the service provider YOU want!
  • Your Providers payed in two business days or less!
  • Real time and up to date tracking of your NDIS budget!
  • Monthly budget statements and plan tracking to make sure your NDIS Plan is working for you!
  • Approve invoices from providers before they’re paid!
  • Access to a dedicated NDIS Plan Manager that knows you and your plan! No call centers or automated phone lines!
  • Personal phone number and email of your plan manager to ensure your needs are taken care of promptly!
  • Complimentary NDIS Plan Review preparation to ensure you get the most out of your next NDIS Plan!